Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer Chem 100 Gesan


Product Specification

  • Characteristics: Operation (Semi-automatic), Configuration (Bench-top, compact)
  • Reading Cuvette: Flow through cell and direct reading cuvette
  • Measuring Volume: 200 – 800 μL
  • Incubator & Storage: 20 incubating positions over 200 programs, 1000 test results
  • Thermostatic Control: Temperature (25°C, 30°C, 37°C with precision ± 0.1°C)
  • Method: End point, fixed time, multi standard, differential, biochromatic, and immunoturbidimetric, etc
  • Quality Control: Excellent Q.C.function, Q.C.chart may be displayed and printed
  • Display & Printer: Back-illuminated LCD, built-in thermal printer

Kemenkes RI AKL 10102713130

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