General Care Vacuum Blood Collection Tube EDTA


Product Specification:

  • Material: PP, PET, Butyl Rubber, Additive: EDTA K3
  • Color: Transparent, Purple Cap
  • Size: 13mm x 75 mm, 5ml
  • Function: To put blood samples then put it into Centrifuge
  • Contain: 100 pcs/rack
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How to use:

  1. Apply tourniquet to patient’s arm
  2. Palpation of veins, then rub it with an Alcohol Swab/Pad
  3. Inject the intravenous needle into the vein
  4. Then insert the Blood Collection tube into the punction needle inside the intravenous holder
  5. Pull the intravenous needle after it reached the required volume, then pull the Blood Collection tube from the punction needle

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