Convergys Diff 5P

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Reagent for quantitative determination of leukocytes (WBC), leukocyte five-part differentiation (LYM, MON, NEU, EOS, BAS) and hemoglobin (HGB) concentration measurement in human blood on automated hematology analyzer.


Convergys® Diff-5P is meant to be installed by professional user on Convergys® X5 automated Hematology Analyzers as per instructions in Analyzers User Manual.

  1. Open the Cap of the Bottle
  2. Connect the cap to the tubing connection location
  3. Connect the tube to the cap of the Reagent on one side and to the back of the instrument inside Diff-5P inlet on the other side

Precautions and Storage:

Convergys® Diff-5P solution is design for professional laboratory use. The usual laboratory precautions should be observed. Convergys® Diff-5P solution is needed to be shipped and stored dry at temperatures between 18-30 Celsius. Please refer to the instructions manual above for more detailed precautions.

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