Convergys Dill Dif

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Stabilized saline solution for dilution of human blood, quantitative and qualitative determination of erythrocytes (RBC), leukocytes (WBC), thrombocytes (PLT) and measurement of HGB concentration on automated hematology analyzers.


Convergys® Dill Diff solution is to be installed by professional user on Convergys® X3 automated Hematology Analyzers as per instructions in Analyzers User Manual.

  1. Open the cap of the bottle
  2. Connect the cap in which the there is a tubing connection.
  3. Connect the tube to the cap of the Reagent on one side and to the back of the instrument on the
    other side

Precautions and Storage:

Convergys® Dill Diff solution is design for professional laboratory use. The usual laboratory precautions should be observed. Convergys® Dill Diff solution is to be shipped and stored dry at temperatures between 15 – 30° C. Please refer to the instruction manual above for more detailed precautions.

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