GESAN Cholesterol Monoreagent LR



Kit for measurement of cholestrol in serum or plasma

Colorimetric enzymatic method CHOD – PAP.


Cholestrol measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving excess cholestrol in the blood, and of lipidic and lipoprotein metabolism disorders.


End point analysis. Free cholestrol and cholestrol released from its esters after enzymatic hydrolysis are oxidized enzymatically (CHE). The free cholestrol is oxidized by cholestrol oxidase (CHOD) to colest-4-en-3-one giving hydrogen peroxide. The indicator quinoneimine is formed from hydrogen peroxide that in presence of peroxidase (POD), reacts with 4-aminophenazone and phenol to form a coloured compound. The colour intensity is directly proportional to the cholestrol total concentration in the tested sample.


  1. R1
    • Good buffer pH 6.8 100.0 mmol/l
    • Cholestrol Esterase ≥ 500 U/l
    • Cholestrol Oxidase ≥ 800U/l
    • Phenol 20.0 mmol/l
    • Peroxidase ≥ 2500 U/l
    • 4-Aminophenazone 1.6 mmol/l

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